October 26, 2017
It's already late fall, and winter is looming. Walking along I observe people, like bears, getting ready to hibernate for the winter by slouching even here in Hawaii. 

In my book IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY (Savant 2017), I mention the importance of posture in preventive somatic therapy. In fact, of the ten most important elements of somatic therapy, posture may surprise everyone to hear it is NUMBER ONE! 

In somatic therapy (verses somatic therapy), we recognize that while the body and mind strongly interact throughout our lives, one powerful approach to resolving mental issues is simply to resolve their physical roots, and posture can be a truly significant root of many mental problems. More important, it can be preventative and is easy to fix

My recommendation for the upcoming winter: Locate a comfortable chair, stretch your outreached arms above your head for third seconds or so to let the back muscles stretch and relax, then, sitting strongly upright, read a chapter or two of my book. :-)

Don't forget: somatic therapy is more than just therapeutic; it can prevent both physical and mental problems commonly associated with winters. 

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May 21, 2017
ALOHA - My new book about dancing, massage and somatic therapy is now available worldwide at (from the USA publisher) (from Amazon USA) (from Amazon Japan)

from other international Amazon sites, and from major bookstores throughout the world. 

It's exciting to see my book "out there" and being read. I hope you will get a copy, post your "like" ...
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Happy New Year and Book!

January 11, 2017

Happy New Year! Time is going so fast, it’s already 2017 and my book, IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY (Savant 2017) will soon go into proofreading. That means about a month to release! I’m satisfied it is coming so well.  

I’m also a bit nervous. What will people think of it? I’m not so concerned about the content. It’s really good. But what will people think of what I have to say about Somatic Therapy?  I wonder.  I’m not a doctor or psychologist. I’m a dancer and massage therapi...

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Dr. Strange and Somatic Therapy

November 13, 2016
Yesterday, I went to see the movie, "Dr. Strange," starring Benedict Cummerbach (aka the new Sherlock Holmes). 

It was a fantasy, but I was surprised to see that it involved the body listening to the spirit, exactly what somatic therapy is all about. In my book, IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY (Savant, in press), I wanted to expand my search to cover "listening to the soul" but that became such a huge project, I decided to keep my focus on my journey seeking what somatic therapy verses somatic (p...
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A Special Author "Aloha" and "Welcome" -

November 7, 2016
As a new Savant Books and Publications author, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to my author blog. Here's where you can find out everything literary about Setsuko Tsuchiya - Author. I also have a social blog which I share with my competition dance partner called "Futari blog" at

My work as a writer in English (Japanese is my first language) began when I moved to Hawaii and decided to advance my undergraduate education in dance at Thomas Edison State Universi...
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