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Setsuko Tsuchiya MS began her acting career in the USA, earning a BA in Liberal Arts in dance at Thomas Edison University and a MS in Somatic Therapy. She is a performance/competition dancer representing USA and Japan regionally, nationally and internationally, appearing as a background dancer in the television series "Fantasy Island" (1998 - Episode 4 - "Dying to Dance" - 39.00 through 42.00 minute mark). She recently debuted as a supporting actress ("Edna") in Static (2021). Follow me on the set of Static through my behind-the-scenes photo-video vignettes

Originally from Japan, she studied western somatic therapy at Hawaii College of Health Sciences. After becoming a licensed massage therapist, she began wondering if there could be such a thing as somatic (body) therapy, independent of language and universally applicable to all cultures, earning a Master of Science degree in somatic therapy. Her thesis was published as a book entitled "In Search of Somatic Therapy" (see below). She is currently working on a PhD in Ballroom and Latin American Dance Performance. 

Setsuko Tsuchiya is a member of Japan DanceSport Federation, Japan Dance Therapy Association, Japan Dance Therapy Association, and an honored fellow of the former American Association of Integrative Medicine.

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by Setsuko Tsuchiya
ISBN 978-0-9972472-3-7
Anticipated 2016 Release

What is somatic therapy? Is it about somatic therapy (psychological "talk therapy" that surrounds somatic stimulation) or somatic therapy (the somatic stimulation itself)? Do the different forms of somatic experience, e.g. massage, dance, singing, accupuncture, accupressure and biofeedback have anything in common other than talking about the experience? The author, a registered Hawaii massage therapist who comes from Japan, documents her journey in search of somatic therapy and reports the surprising answers that reveal themselves along the way.
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