Happy New Year! Time is going so fast, it’s already 2017 and my book, IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY (Savant 2017) will soon go into proofreading. That means about a month to release! I’m satisfied it is coming so well.  

I’m also a bit nervous. What will people think of it? I’m not so concerned about the content. It’s really good. But what will people think of what I have to say about Somatic Therapy?  I wonder.  I’m not a doctor or psychologist. I’m a dancer and massage therapist with a passion for the body. My search has been as much for a definition of somatic therapy as anything else. I hope you will enjoy my journey. 

My idea started with dancing. Everything does. Dance is something basic that all humans, animals, even plants share in common. It is from dance and massage that my journey began. I am especially interested in the power of the laying on of hands; touch; breathing; progressive relaxation; and awareness of body rhythms, all of which I talk extensively about in my book. 

I want to tell you my definition of somatic therapy, but instead, please read my book!