Yesterday, I went to see the movie, "Dr. Strange," starring Benedict Cummerbach (aka the new Sherlock Holmes). 

It was a fantasy, but I was surprised to see that it involved the body listening to the spirit, exactly what somatic therapy is all about. In my book, IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY (Savant, in press), I wanted to expand my search to cover "listening to the soul" but that became such a huge project, I decided to keep my focus on my journey seeking what somatic therapy verses somatic (psycho)therapy should be. 

The story behind Dr. Strange spanned his whole career in one moment of endless time, and through this journey, he found a new career, much like I did searching for the basic movements that might constitute somatic therapy in the Wilhelm Reich sense. 

People often think that something "finished" is completed, but, like Dr. Strange, it is always the beginning of something new. Having finished writing IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY, I now see a whole new life opening up, one involving further investigating how to use the tenants of somatic therapy in the best way. Interested? I'd love to hear from you!